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Teachers! Here comes the Interfaith Challenge 2013!

As Interfaith Week approaches, primary schools are being invited to get involved by taking up the Interfaith Challenge!

During the week, from 17-23 November, Interfaith Explorers is setting a challenge to all teachers to see how many Taster Activities on the website they can get their pupils to do as part of a national primary schools Interfaith Week Challenge.

There are six activities in total to try and many, such as, Know Your Lemons, can be used across any year groups.

The ‘Know Your Lemons’ activity aims to teach pupils about challenging stereotypes, by demonstrating that while at first sight things may appear the same, a closer look reveals differences.

A section of Teacher Information and Guidance on the website provides advice on delivering the materials in the classroom

Once the activities have been tried there are certificates to download. Feedback forms to complete – and schools can share their photos as they celebrating Interfaith Week. Enjoy your Interfaith Challenge!

For more details see the website