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Sign up to our next Interfaith Explorers webinar exploring the role of schools in challenging extremism

Join our religious education expert Clair Clinton at our next Interfaith Explorers webinar to discuss the new statutory duty on schools to prevent people being drawn into terrorism. Scheduled for 4pm on Thursday 26th March, this webinar will:

  • Help practitioners understand what is meant by extremism in the context of the Government’s Prevent strategy and the new public duty on schools;
  • Explore Ofsted requirements for schools to promote and support:
    • Fundamental British values
    • Behaviour and safety of pupils in school
  • Highlight effective ways to facilitate classroom discussions about extremism and extreme views;
  • To consider best practice in challenging risks associated with extremism;
  • Explore the risks in challenging extremist behaviour shown by pupils – including how to deal with parents.
  • More info and webinar registration.