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Register for our Religious Education and Higher Order Learning webinar!

The webinar takes place on Tuesday 21st October 2014 at 4:00pm–4:45pm (45 minutes) and shows how Interfaith Explorers supports the development of higher order thinking skills and helps pupils to understand the diverse world around them.

The new national curriculum emphasizes the importance of higher order learning to promote skills such as ’problem solving’, ‘critical thinking’ and ‘creativity’ as well as knowledge building.

They are activated when pupils encounter unfamiliar problems, uncertainties, questions, or dilemmas – all pertinent in the study of RE and the experience of living in multi-ethnic, multi-faith and pluralistic communities. Successful applications of these skills result in explanations, decisions and performances that facilitate open-minded, flexible attitudes in pupils.

Interfaith Explorers offers teachers a useful RE, Citizenship and PSHE educational resource to helps pupils prepare for a rapidly changing world – promoting the qualities young people need to live successful and fulfilled lives in the 21st century – and understand the diverse world emerging around them. It helps develop the attributes and abilities of confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens.

This webinar will cover:

  • The key principles to use when engaging pupils in higher order thinking in RE;
  • How Interfaith Explorers ‘I-Can’ levels can support the development of skills effective in high quality RE;
  • Activities and resources that can support the acquisition of higher learning skills.

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