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Register for our next Interfaith Explorers webinar: RE teaching and religious authority!

With the increasing challenges faced when teaching in multi faith and multi ethnic school communities, quality guidance for RE teachers on what constitutes religious authority and where to find safe and accurate information has become crucial. Join our resident RE expert, Claire Clinton, in this 45-minute webinar which will examine:

  • How to avoid the pitfalls and risks when researching information about religions and faith practice in the UK today;
  • Where can teachers go to find credible sources of religious authority;
  • The key principals teachers should use when trying to research / understand the different aspects of religions that are practiced in the UK today;
  • Applying sufficient rigour in resources used in the classroom to safeguard children from ‘extreme’ or incompatible worldviews;
  • Best practice when facilitating discussions about, and integrate the promotion of, British values through teaching RE.

More info and webinar registration.