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Register for our next Interfaith Explorers webinar: Faith Sensitive Relationship and Sex Education – how to handle difficult conversations with pupils and parents

Last week saw the publication of the Parliamentary Education Select Committee Report into Sex and Relationship Education (SRE), which advocated for SRE to be renamed ‘Relationship and Sex Education’ (RSE) to emphasis the relationship elements of the subject, alongside it being given statutory status in both primary and secondary schools.

This webinar explores how teachers and schools can approach RSE in faith sensitive ways given the growing cultural and religious diversity of their pupils and school communities. Consequently, this webinar will: 

  • Explore the law and best practice around faith sensitive Relationship and Sex Education in Schools;
  • Consider the pitfalls and risks of leading faith sensitive RSE in schools;
  • Explore how best to facilitate discussions around faith sensitive RSE.

More info and webinar registration.