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Register for a webinar about links between RE & peace-making education

Learn how to use peacemaking education to support the delivery of RE, Citizenship, PSHE & SMSC at 4.00pm on Thursday 24th July.

In recent years, peacemaking and conflict education programmes have been increasingly used in schools as a means of educating children about constructive approaches to managing conflicts. Moreover, the recent Ofsted Inspection framework, which comes into force in September 2015, introduces a new graded judgment on the ‘Personal development, Behaviour and Welfare’ provision in schools.

Consequently, this webinar will:

  • Show how peace-making education can contribute to the school’s provision of the new Ofsted graded judgment on ‘Personal development, Behaviour and Welfare’;
  • Explain how peace-making education can enhance the delivery of RE, Citizenship, PSHE and SMSC in schools;
  • Understand the key principals for embedding peace-making values in your school;
  • Provide practical ideas that you can use to promote peace-making in your classroom;
  • Demonstrate how peace-making activities support interfaith work between pupils.

More info and webinar registration.