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Join our webinar and get tops-tips to mark UK Interfaith Week 2015 effectively in your school!

Find out how you can use Interfaith Week 2015 to enhance RE provision in your school during the next Interfaith Explorers webinar at 4pm on Thursday 22nd October.

This year’s Interfaith Week runs from the 15th – 21st November, and is a great opportunity for teachers to enhance the delivery of RE in their schools and among their all of their pupils, colleagues and the wider community.

Consequently, this webinar will:

  • Share a range of ideas for Interfaith Week (IFW)
  • Understand how IFW focused RE and citizenship lessons can:
    • Benefit your pupils when they engage with interfaith activities;
    • Embed Fundamental British Values of tolerance and mutual respect within your school.

More info and webinar registration.