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Forthcoming Interfaith Explorers webinar on critical thinking! Sign up!

Sign up to our next Interfaith Explorer webinar with Claire Clinton to discuss why critical thinking skills are vital for children in the 21st century. Joining her is advance skills teacher in Philosophy for Children, Lisa Naylor who is also an expert in critical thinking methodologies.

So what is critical thinking? Well, education’s overall goal is to produce students that will be able to think critically and not just absorb information. So critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally; engage in reflective and independent thinking; as well as see both sides of an issue. All these are vital skills for young people growing up in a diverse and rapidly changing world, and exposed to increasing amounts of conflicting information. Consequently, this webinar will help teachers:

  • Understand the benefits of training pupils in critical thinking;
  • With ideas to promote critical thinking in the classroom;
  • Demonstrate how critical thinking supports interfaith activities between pupils.

More info and webinar registration.