House of Peace


Prototype suggestion of the House of Peace

It has always been Sir David’s dream to see peace and harmony between the three great monotheistic faiths become reality.

Through a special commission, reflecting his passion of combining art with interfaith understanding, five large paintings by the artist Ben Johnson together create a House of Peace between the three faiths.

The first four include a panorama of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, the Christian Quarter and the Dome of the Rock. The fifth painting, designed by Professor Khalili depicts a Circle of Peace, a kaleidoscope of the word ‘peace’ in Hebrew, English and Arabic. The circle centres on the eternal light surrounded by the name of the Almighty in the same three languages.

By exhibiting this ‘House of Peace‘ around the world the Maimonides Interfaith Foundation aims to show people that there is far more that unites them than divides them.

Read Sir David’s statement about the House of Peace project here.