Bringing people together through art, culture and education

The Maimonides Interfaith Foundation is a dynamic, influential international charity promoting understanding and respect between people from the three Abrahamic faiths through the power of art, creativity, intercultural dialogue and education.

At a wider level, we also help drive discussions around key issues and challenges relating to the role of faith, religion and pluralism in the world today.

We do this by creating cultural events that connect people, organising significant debates and by developing exciting educational initiatives like Interfaith Explorers.

Among our supporters are some of the world’s most highly respected religious leaders and other prominent figures.

One of the greatest challenges facing the world today is how to effectively promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue between adherents of major world religions, as well as responding to dialogue between secular and religious segments of society in ways that create common ground and recognise differences.

We have been at the forefront of creating a nexus of intercultural and interreligious dialogue through a track record of successful arts, cultural, sporting and academic programmes.

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  • UK government launches Educate Against Hate featuring the Foundation’s Interfaith Explorers website!

    UK government launches Educate Against Hate featuring the …

    The Foundation’s Interfaith Explorers has been given the seal of approval, following its endorsement by the Department of Education (DfE), and is featured on a new government website against hate. At the launch of a new DfE Educate Against Hate web portal at the Bethnal Green School Academy in Tower Hamlets, the Secretary of...

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  • Join our webinar and get tops-tips to mark UK Interfaith Week 2015 effectively in your school!

    Join our webinar and get tops-tips to mark UK Interfaith W…

    Find out how you can use Interfaith Week 2015 to enhance RE provision in your school during the next Interfaith Explorers webinar at 4pm on Thursday 22nd October. This year’s Interfaith Week runs from the 15th – 21st November, and is a great opportunity for teachers to enhance the delivery of RE in their...

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  • UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Professor Nasser D. Khalili renews his support to education of young people

    UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Professor Nasser D. Khalili ren…

    In his capacity as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Chairman of the Maimonides Interfaith Foundation, Professor Nasser David Khalili participated in the Panel Discussion entitled “Educating for Citizenship in a Global World”, which took place at the Asia Society Headquarters in New York on 29 September 2015. This event was co-organized by the Asia...

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  • Foundation founder calls for a government led emphasis on education in the fight against extremism

    Foundation founder calls for a government led emphasis on …

    Read our founder David Khalili’s thoughts on the safeguarding of students against radicalisation. What is the government’s responsibility in this area? Without a new government-led emphasis on education in classrooms, we will continue to contend with the messengers of destruction and hate. With effective education we can build a generation capable of living in...

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A word from our Chairman

Watch Professor Nasser David Khalili talk about the importance of the work that we do.

Read more about Professor Khalili.


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