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Register for a webinar about links between RE & peace-making education

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Learn how to use peacemaking education to support the delivery of RE, Citizenship, PSHE & SMSC at 4.00pm on Thursday 24th July. In recent years, peacemaking and conflict education programmes have been increasingly used in schools as a means of educating children about constructive approaches to managing conflicts. Moreover, the recent Ofsted Inspection framework, which… Read more »

Webinar on RE & Values Education – register now


The role of ‘values education’ in schools & community cohesion will be discussed during the next interfaith Explorers webinar broadcast on the 14th July! Schools play an important role in shaping the values of their pupils. But how do they build these values within their curriculum, extra-curricular activities and policies? What is the relationship between… Read more »

Register for the next Interfaith Explorers webinar on RE & Secular World Views!


So how should teachers handle non-religious views in the classroom? Find out during next week’s webinar on the 18th June. A significant proportion of the world’s people today have a non-religious outlook on life. However, in a world with people who hold religious and non-religious views, it is important that pupils are informed about different faith… Read more »

Join us for our webinar on fundamental British values in schools & community cohesion

Core Values

Since September 2014, all schools in England are required to actively promote fundamental British values to their pupils, both in lessons and in extracurricular activities delivered by the school. Consequently, this webinar scheduled for 4pm on Thursday 23rd April will help teachers: Consider Ofsted expectations about promoting fundamental British values and the role of schools;… Read more »

Sign up to our next Interfaith Explorers webinar exploring the role of schools in challenging extremism

Join our religious education expert Clair Clinton at our next Interfaith Explorers webinar to discuss the new statutory duty on schools to prevent people being drawn into terrorism. Scheduled for 4pm on Thursday 26th March, this webinar will: Help practitioners understand what is meant by extremism in the context of the Government’s Prevent strategy and… Read more »

Register for our next Interfaith Explorers webinar: Faith Sensitive Relationship and Sex Education – how to handle difficult conversations with pupils and parents

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Last week saw the publication of the Parliamentary Education Select Committee Report into Sex and Relationship Education (SRE), which advocated for SRE to be renamed ‘Relationship and Sex Education’ (RSE) to emphasis the relationship elements of the subject, alongside it being given statutory status in both primary and secondary schools. This webinar explores how teachers… Read more »

Register for our next Interfaith Explorers webinar: RE teaching and religious authority!

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With the increasing challenges faced when teaching in multi faith and multi ethnic school communities, quality guidance for RE teachers on what constitutes religious authority and where to find safe and accurate information has become crucial. Join our resident RE expert, Claire Clinton, in this 45-minute webinar which will examine: How to avoid the pitfalls… Read more »

Register for our Religious Education and Higher Order Learning webinar!

Children's Assembly

The webinar takes place on Tuesday 21st October 2014 at 4:00pm–4:45pm (45 minutes) and shows how Interfaith Explorers supports the development of higher order thinking skills and helps pupils to understand the diverse world around them. The new national curriculum emphasizes the importance of higher order learning to promote skills such as ’problem solving’, ‘critical… Read more »