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UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Professor Sir Nasser D. Khalili renews his support to education of young people

Professor David Khalili

In his capacity as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Chairman of the Maimonides Interfaith Foundation, Professor Sir Nasser David Khalili participated in the Panel Discussion entitled “Educating for Citizenship in a Global World”, which took place at the Asia Society Headquarters in New York on 29 September 2015. This event was co-organized by the Asia… Read more »

Foundation founder calls for a government led emphasis on education in the fight against extremism

Professor David Khalili

Read our founder Sir David Khalili’s thoughts on the safeguarding of students against radicalisation. What is the government’s responsibility in this area? Without a new government-led emphasis on education in classrooms, we will continue to contend with the messengers of destruction and hate. With effective education we can build a generation capable of living in… Read more »

Foundation Chairman receives honour from Franklin University in Switzerland in recognition of his interfaith work

Professor David Khalili & Franklin University

Founder and chairman of the Foundation, Professor David Khalili, received an Honorary Doctorate from Franklin University Switzerland for his long-standing commitment to interfaith and inter-religious dialogue. During his Class of 2015 commencement speech, Professor Khalili told graduates that for success ‘the key is to listen to others with an open mind and an open heart,… Read more »

School children and the appeal of ISIS – we are not fighting a losing battle

Professor David Khalili

Foundation Chairman, Professor Nasser David Khalili, talks about how success depends upon harnessing the positive forces of mosques, schools, madrassas and social media to create a new generation of young people who are immune to the ideology of ISIS. Every parent can share the horror and devastation of the three families who fear their daughters… Read more »

Paris Charlie Hebdo shooting show that ignorance is the real weapon of mass destruction

Professor David Khalili

Following the atrocities in Paris last week, the Maimonides Interfaith Foundation Chairman, Professor Nasser David Khalili says ‘We now have an opportunity to close ranks and finally challenge those who try to monopolise and distort the great faiths and other ways of life – the common heritage of all humanity’. Read the full article here.

Foundation Chairman says only true dialogue can address grievances and differences

First Magazine Cover Autumn 2014

On the eve of UK Interfaith Week 2014, Chairman of the Foundation Professor Khalili says ‘only true dialogue can discover what is in our minds, because with true dialogue, grievances and differences of opinion can be heard and amicably solved’. The comments appear in an interview with First Magazine, the international journal aimed at the… Read more »