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The Foundation becomes a signatory to Declaration against hate and intolerance

Declaration against hate and intolerance

Following an increasing number of hate crimes and attacks against British and Muslim Jews over recent months, the Foundation along with a number of national interfaith organisations has signed a declaration reaffirming that Jewish and Muslim faith communities contribute to the common good of all people in the UK. Calling on all leaders to unequivocally… Read more »

‘Quenelle’, football and the resurgence of ugly anti-Semitism

Nicolas Anelka's Quenella

The ‘quenelle’ is a part-anti-Semitic, part-obscene hand gesture that has spread across France, and has sparked controversy in England since West Bromwich footballer, Nicolas Anelka, chose the Premier League as a perfect location to demonstrate it. The gesture is formed by pointing one arm down while touching the shoulder with the other arm, and gained… Read more »